Key challenge for most companies is to identify the right customers for products and technologies developed. We help our clients to understand the key needs of their peers in order to focus resources into the right direction

In an increasingly complex market environment, it is highly important to anticipate customer needs before they are expressed. The development of product concepts are expensive and for strategic decisions on budgeting developments a high level understanding of upcoming trends and needs are crucial. This needs can be on several complex levels and can include
  • Regulatory challenges
  • Changes in manufacturing and sourcing strategies
  • Technological or product related needs
  • Environmental requirements

Go to market

Connecting with clients is a key element of success. Especially for companies with a diverse technology portfolio it can be an issue to identify the right methods and channels for successful market approach.

We can bring together innovation and market understanding for successful product introduction, channel optimization and sales efficiency increase.

We can help you to

Market Insight

In a rapidly changing competitive and regulatory environment, it is important to understand your position as well as key dynamics in the market. Here PGC has vast experience and has built the know-how to answer your knowledge gaps for successful decision-making.

Beyond providing general a market view, we zoom in to dedicated market and technology fields and meet industry participants on an eye-to-eye basis.

Understanding the behavior of the competitive environment is crucial, in particular in highly specialized industries, market segmentation drives fierce competition with overlapping customer groups.

We provide you with all necessary information on various levels to support your

Supplier Evaluation

Suppliers are one of the most important factors in a seamless production process. Beyond potentials for lower purchasing prices many complex topics need to be understood before choosing the right partner for future operations. Issues on supplier side can have dramatic effects on own business activities. Especially deciding for suppliers mainly active in entirely different regions is an enormous challenge as many of the important aspects are not visible on first sight like: