PGC GmbH is a strategic management consultancy focusing on market insight to assist in transparent and meaningful decision making
Located in the center of Europe, in Frankfurt, we have the inside view within a highly industrialized region and at the same time the ability to reach out to new regions to evaluate potentials for growth and development

With a deep knowledge of different industries and markets we are the right partner for understanding unknown areas
We help our clients identify opportunities in different markets and bring together businesses with shared interest.
With an open mind we give the right orientation to our clients in a foggy environment of regulations, legislations, competitive environment to navigate towards success


Our diverse team of international and experienced researchers, analysts and project managers is capable of covering all important market regions and key industries
Combining a multitude of disciplines under one umbrella gives us the capability to view beyond the horizon

We have the capability to overcome cultural and lingual sensitivities and to identify potentials in unknown areas
We can meet key stake holders on difficult topics on an eye to eye basis

With our leadership team of highly experienced industry analysts we can accomplish the most challenging tasks